Nothing Beats a Great Cup of Coffee

Coffee Vending Services and Kitchen Supplies in Pittsburgh

The Coffee Bean provides total corporate break room management services and office coffee service. We specialize in providing customized break room solutions that will invigorate your employees and increase their productivity. The Coffee Bean provides total corporate break room management services. . In most cases we supply, maintain and clean all necessary equipment at no cost to your company. In ALL cases a knowledgeable & friendly route sales professional will be assigned to you and will be completely committed to your company's total satisfaction. 

We're on a mission to show our clients a better way to manage the company break room for increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and value. 

It’s easy to get started, we’ll meet with you to discuss your goals and determine which system of equipment, product and services fit your company best, there is no one solution that’s why we involve the client in determining the optimal plan. The Coffee Bean will provide you with a variety of options, some of the issues we’ll discuss are:

What style of coffee does you team prefer?

Which system of brewing fits you environment?

How will you provide water?

Service options, pick and choose. Your options of placing an order, or let The Coffee Bean manage your inventory for you, how often is service required?

What pantry items are needed?

At The Coffee Bean we don’t believe in aggressive sales techniques, gimmicks or one-time incentives for our coffee vending services to lock you into programs that won’t serve you best. We believe we must earn our keep ever visit, to be the best we can be so your employees can do their best.

Our Mission at The Coffee Bean is to help businesses achieve greater success through increased morale and productivity of their workforce by offering the very best break room products and kitchen supplies in Pittsburgh. We also believe in adding value with efficiency and a revolutionary service and support system.
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