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​Kitchen Supplies
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​20 oz Sugar Canister
Sugar Packets 2000 ct.
Splenda 2000ct.
Equal 1000 ct
Sweet-n-Low 2000 ct
​Cream Canister 12 oz
Coffeemate Canister 12 oz.
Vanilla Coffeemate 12 oz.
Half&Half Creamer Cups 360ct.
French Van Creamer Cups 188ct
Hazelnut Creamer Cups 188ct.
​Lipton 100ct.
Decaf Lipton 72ct
Green tea Lipton 72ct
Bigelow 28ct.*

Apple Cinnamon, Orange&Spice,Mint Medley, Lemon Lift, Constant Comment, Cinnamon Stick, Earl Grey Earl Grey decaf, Cranberry/Apple, Raspberry Royal, Assorted
​Hot Chocolate
​Swiss Miss 50ct Box
Swiss Miss Sugar Free 24ct
Nestle Rich Milk Chocolate 50ct
​Cup A Soup
​Chicken Noodle 20ct Box
Hearty Chicken Noodle 20ct Box
​Act II Microwave Butter
Act II Microwave Butter Lite
​Veryfine Apple 24/10 oz
Welch's Grape 24/10 oz
Tropicana Orange 24 10 oz
Veryfine Cranberry 24/10 oz
Dole Ruby Red Grapefruit 24 11.5 oz
Campbell's V-8 24 11.5 oz
Campbell,s Tomato 48 5.5 oz
7 Up
All Varietys
​Botteled Water
​Dasani 16oz 24ct
Aquafina 16oz 24ct
Elan 16oz Sport Cap 16oz 32ct 
​8 oz Foam cup 1000ct
12 oz Foam 1000ct
16 oz Foam 500ct
12 oz Plastic Cold Cup 1000ct
12 oz Paper Hot Cup 1000ct
16 oz Paper Hot Cup 500ct
​Lunch Napkins 500/Bag
Beverage Napkins 100/Bag
Dinner 2 Ply Napkins 1000/Case
C-Fold Napkins 1000/Case
Paper Towels 15ct
​Heavy Weight Plastic Forks 600/Box
Heavy Weight Plastic Spoon 600/box
Heavy Weight Plastic Knife 500/Box
​Foam Plates 9 Inch 125/Bag
Foam Plates 5 Inch 125/Bag
Paper Plate Lite Weight 300/Bag
Paper Plate Heavy Weight 125/Bag
Chinet Plates 9 Inch 100/Bag
​If you need an item that does not appear on our product list, please don't hesitate to inquire about pricing and availability.
​McCullagh Signature Coffees
(Available in many pack sizes)
Farmer Brothers
​Avalable in many pack sizes
​Sultana Blend Medium Roast
100% Colombian Full-Bodied Roast
Colombian Blend Full-Bodied Roast
Baron Blend Medium Roast
McCullagh Symphony Blends.

 Colombian Supremo, 40/2/50oz 
 French Roast, 40/2/50oz & 6oz
 Daybreak, 40/2.50oz
 Kona Fancy, 40/2.50oz
 Finger Lakes, 40/2
​Cafe Royal (mild)
Custom blend decaf
Worlds Finest (filter pack) mild
100% Colombian Supremo (medium)
Kona blend (full flavored)
Metropolitan French Roast (Bold)
Metropolitan Mocha Java (Bold)
Metropolitan Decaf (Bold)
Flavored (call for selection)
​George J Howe Coffee Company
Roasted locally in Grove City
​Starbucks Coffee
18 ct 2.5 ounce packets
​Java Delight (Mild)
Java Delight Decafe
Full City Roast (Bold)
Royal Cup Europian Roast (filter pack medium)
Decaf Colombian
​Starbucks House blend 
Starbucks Breakfast Blend
Starbucks French Roast
Starbucks Cafe Verona
Starbucks House blend Decaf
Seattles Best level 3
Seattles Best decaf
​K-Cups 24 ct Box
​National Roasters
​Breakfast Blend                     House Blend                     
Nantucket Blend                    Pumpkin Pie
Columbia Fair Trade              Costa Rican
Lake and Lodge           BOB MARLEY ORGANIC
Hazelnut                            FAIR TRADE
Vanilla Carmal Nut                Get Up Stand Up (Light)                
Vanilla                                  One Love (Medium)
Dark Magic                            Lively Up (Dark)                   
Earl Grey Tea                        Talkin Blues (Jamacian
English Breakfast Tea                                 Blue MT.)
Green Tea
Breakfast Blend Decaf
Donut House
​Donut Shop Regular 2oz
Classic Italian Roast 2oz
​Cafe Classic Single Serve Pods
Donut Shop
French Roast
Pacific Bold
Classic Bold Italian Roast
Espresso Bold
Engish Breakfast Tea Green Tea With Lemon