Nothing Beats a Great Cup of Coffee

Office Coffee Service and Equipment

What kind of team do you have? What kind of clients? 
The Coffee Bean has three ways to offer office coffee service and each method has its own benefits.

Coffee as Expression - Does your team like variety in their coffee? When a group sends out for coffee, does each person select something different? Do some of your team like teas and specialty latte drinks, hot chocolate or mocha? Consider FRESH GROUND COFFEE EQUIPMENT alternatives when you select your coffee vending service for your creative crew. These provide the most flexibility at the least cost. Single cup coffee choices also tend to impress clients and prospects the most.

Coffee as Experience - Does your team arrive in the morning carrying their own cup of coffee? Do they love the aroma of coffee and value its freshness? Do they frequently make new coffee rather than drink what's left in the pot? Consider Single cup coffee equipment alternatives for your discriminating cartel. It doesn't get any fresher than this.

   Coffee as Fuel - Does your team drink coffee morning, noon and night, regardless of the kind you offer? Do you always see a cup on your team's desks, and do you see thedrink down the dregs before refilling the cup? You have a team of warriors and they need fuel. Take them away from their traditionally brewed coffee at your peril. The coffee bean was originally founded in 1992 to provide only high quality, fresh ground coffee and coffee equipment to our corporate clients. Though we have never lost our focus on providing the highest quality coffees to your workplace, since 1992 we have expanded our offering of goods and services to encompass each and every need in the break room.

​   Bottle-less (Point Of Use) water coolers offer many advantages over traditional bottle coolers such as:
 Unlimited drinking water. Having a bottle-less cooler is like having a mini water plant inside your office with endless quality drinking water literally on tap. There is no worry   that your employees will run out of their drinking water supply, whereas a 10-employee business could easily drink 30 gal of bottled water every month. Running out of bottled water are common occurrences in small businesses today, requiring additional resources to take on the extra duty of bottled water inventory management.

More economical. No monthly bottle delivery fees or surcharges. Some companies claim they have saved between 50% to70% monthly on drinking water expenses by switching to a POU system.

No deliveries or bottle clutter. Because the water comes directly from a building’s existing water source and is automatically filtered for drinking, there is no more heavy lifting, delivery or storage of 5-gal bottles, 

Low maintenance. Because deliveries of bottled water are eliminated, companies have no inventory or delivery receipts to manage. Bottle-less coolers only require an annual maintenance check and filter replacement, so they are easier to maintain with minimal service calls.

Better for the environment. Reducing plastic bottle waste by not using large multigallon containers shrinks your customer’s environmental footprint. Without emissions from large diesel-burning trucks required to deliver bottled water, the benefits of “green�? multiply.

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